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Image Details

Christian: Sony Alpha 6000, Full Spectrum modified, STC Optics 590nm clip filter, E16-70mm
Rowan: Sony Alpha 7 II, FE 28-70mm
Martin: Panasonic DMC-GF3, unknown filter and lens
Steve: Canon 60D, EF50mm M2, IR Chrome filter
Greg: Nikon D7100, 35mm, 720nm filter
John: Nikon D200, 17-55 mm, (probably 720nm and 590nm)
Kathleen: Sony SLT-A55V, DT 18-200 mm, (probably 590nm)
spectra: faux-Aerochrome look, Tiffen 12 yellow filter, swap so the colors represent what they do in Aerochrome film (IR-Red-Green as RGB), darktable edit
Anshul: Sony Alpha 6000, FE 16-35mm
František: Sony Alpha 6000, E 30mm, GRB3 filter


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0:00:00 Intro
0:01:11 590nm edit curve (Christian)
0:19:47 noise (Rowan)
0:28:33 image edit (Martin)
0:41:18 IR Chrome (Steve)
0:45:47 sharpness (Greg)
0:49:18 720nm edit (Greg)
0:56:50 grey card for WB (Amin)
0:59:42 composites (Amin)
1:01:53 PS Actions panel (John)
1:02:37 FS astrophotography (John)
1:10:40 Pixelmator or PS iPad (John)
1:15:10 Nikon custom WB (John)
1:17:31 review images & edit (John)
1:28:40 monochrome review (Kathleen)
1:35:02 faux-Aerochrome (Spectra)
1:40:29 image review (Anshul)
1:43:35 noise pattern (Anshul)
1:51:38 time lapse (Anshul)
1:55:56 monochrome review (Loz)
1:58:24 which filter to buy (Keith)
2:03:05 GRB3 & yellow filter (František)


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