Live Stream Schedule

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Live Streams


Here are the topics covered in this live stream. Direct links to each section are available in the video description on YouTube.

  • 0:00:00 intro
  • 0:00:56 full-spectrum or not (George)
  • 0:03:35 wide-angle lenses (Harold)
  • 0:08:30 edit 590nm image (Harold)
  • 0:22:00 critique & edit (Waldemar)
  • 0:36:03 which conversion is my camera? (Robert)
  • 0:39:56 IR portraits (chat)
  • 0:43:31 650nm editing (chat)
  • 0:45:26 edit branches & structure (Prabhakaran)
  • 0:50:12 edit silhouette (Prabhakaran)
  • 0:53:17 edit people & haze (Prabhakaran)
  • 0:58:05 edit monochrome (Prabhakaran)
  • 1:04:23 other YouTube channels (chat)
  • 1:05:50 720nm edit (chat)
  • 1:19:02 GFX lenses (chat)
  • 1:21:52 faint hot spots (chat)
  • 1:22:30 shoot visible light? (chat)
  • 1:24:03 590nm edit & previsualizing (James)
  • 1:36:20 multi-spectral imaging (chat)
  • 1:39:45 1,000nm filter (Mac)
  • 1:42:10 edit image (Mac)
  • 1:49:16 edit hot spots (Oscar)
  • 1:59:50 wrap

Streaming Retrospective

Here are my observations. Your constructive feedback is also welcome.

  • The 4/27 live stream suffered from repeated buffering issues due to problems with OBS. OBS had given me some minor issues prior, and I had considered replacing it with something more reliable. I had also considered separating the streaming and photo editing processing since they are both CPU/GPU hogs. When they run on the same computer, one will suffer. I picked up a Black Magic Design ATEM Mini Pro ISO to handle switching sources and streaming. This proved to be a much more reliable setup for the 5/4 stream.
  • Viewers in chat indicated that ads running during the live stream cut off part of the stream. I have no control over this timing, so I’ll turn ads off during future streams.
  • Trimming dead air from the beginning and end of the live-stream video deletes the chat replay. ☹️ I wish YouTube had warned of this before saving. In the future, I will begin streaming at the start time, so I don’t need to trim the video later. This will preserve the chat on replay.
  • I need to move my chat monitor up higher so that my head is not buried while reading the chat. I think I need one of those six monitor setups. 😆


If you have comments, questions or feedback, use the comment section for this video.