I have received lots of feedback about the cost of international shipping for the print edition of my book, Color Doesn’t Exist: A Practical Guide to Infrared Photography. Getting the lowest price for shipping has been a challenge, especially for a tome that weighs 3.5 pounds!

Now I have some good news!

I am happy to announce price drops for shipping to all countries. The international delivery time is 1 to 4 weeks. This was a compromise that many who reached out to me have offered.

Shipping cost in the USA has dropped by 21%. Canada has fallen by 22%. Shipping to Europe has dropped between 20% and 50%. Shipping to Australia and New Zealand dropped between 32% and 47%. India shipping decreased by 65%. Shipping prices are actual costs; they are not marked up. And, of course, the eBook edition is available, tax-free and shipping-free.

Thanks for your support and feedback!

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